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Low-Stretch Rope


PMI Talon rope is the best of both worlds for experienced rope users. A polyester core gives virtually no elongation, while the nylon sheath offers the hand and higher friction you're accustomed to from PMI Classic nylon ropes. NFPA certified, 16 carrier construction, 6.6 nylon sheath, polyester core, resists flattening under load.

PMI Talon Rope Max-Wear    Red, Blue or Orange
10mm (5000 lbs) $2.85/M $0.87/ft
11.5mm (6100 lbs) $3.30/M $1.00/ft

In 1977, PMI Pit Rope set the standard for nylon caving rope. They haven't changed it since. Why mess with a good thing? PMI Pit Rope is the rope cavers have used and liked for years. All other sized and colors of PMI rope available in Max-Wear or E-Z Bend.

PMI PIT Rope Max-Wear   Solid White
11mm (6050 lbs) $2.90/M $0.88/ft


GGG offers Cancord Polyester Rope for your static rigging needs. Yes, polyester! We've found that polyester rope is great for caving because it has less stretch than nylon, but has the same strength and abrasion resistance as nylon--and it doesn't get stretchier when wet like nylon does. It's a pleasure to climb on because there's very little bounce, even when climbing tandem. When we used this at Golondrinas (335M/1100ft. it) it took only three steps to get off the deck! Very cool stuff for pit-bouncing! Extra hard sheath construction makes Cancord caving rope very abrasion resistant.
Cancord also makes a stout nylon low-stretch rope.

Cancord Rope Polyester or Nylon
11mm (7000 lbs) $2.90/M $0.88/ft
10mm (6500 lbs) $2.85/M $0.87/ft
9mm (4500 lbs) $2.70/M $0.82/ft
8mm (3900 lbs) $2.50/M $0.76/ft

Please note: Rope purchsed in full 183M/600 ft. spools discounted at $0.05/ft.

You read it right. 8mm ROPE ! 

Cancord now makes 8mm rope. This is not an accessory cord construction, but Cancord's high-quality, extra-stiff, custom caving rope, designed specifically for use as push rope and in mini haul systems.

We do NOT recommend this rope for high-traffic rigging anywhere the integrity of anchors is questionable, or to inexperienced cavers of any sort. If you think your rigging is good enough to use this rope, you'd better be right. The safety margins with 8mm rope are very slim. That said, we know cavers who use accessory cord as push rope, You know who you are. Please consider 8mm rope.


Other Cordage and Rope Care Stuff
PMI Accessory Cord
3mm (380 lbs) $0.49/M $0.15/ft
3mm Nite Line $1.00/M $0.30/ft
5mm (1250 lbs) $0.94/M $0.29/ft
6mm (1550 lbs) $1.19/M $0.36/ft
7mm (2100 lbs) $1.58/M $0.48/ft
8mm (3150 lbs) $1.90/M $0.60/ft
9mm (3650 lbs) $2.50/M $0.76/ft

Nylon Webbing
1" Tubular Web (4000 lbs) $1.10/M $0.33/ft
1" Flat Web (4000 lbs) $1.10/M $0.33/ft
1.75" Flat Web (6000 lbs) $3.30/M $1.00/ft
1/4" Bungee Cord $1.00/M $0.30/ft

PMI Dynamic Rope


$3.60/M $1.10/ft  

GGG Rope Bags $20

Drawstring closure, one adjustable shoulder strap and one clip-in loop. 5/8" grommet hole in bottom to pass the end of your rope through. Made of tough, 1000 denier, coated Cordura.
Assorted colors. Two sizes.

Small fits 50M of 11mm rope
Large fits 100M of 11mm rope

GGG Rope Pads

GGG Rope Pad Tubes come 12", 18"  or 24" long, PVC or double-layer Cordura. They fit snugly around the rope to eliminate unwanted movement. Full-length 1" Velcro closure. Top D-ring for anchoring.

GGG Rope Pad Strips are double layer Cordure, 11"x17", 11"x35" or 23"x30" with grommets in the upper corners for anchoring.

Small Medium Large
Cordura Tube $7 $10 $14
Cordura Strip $10 $14 $18

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