GGG Knee & Elbow Armor

These are the best kneepads you'll ever wear underground!

Tough 1000D Cordura with a 3" webbing strip to take the major abrasion. The backs are nylon for comfort when worn against the skin or over thin leggings. 1/4" neoprene padding with an extra layer in the center of the pad for 1/2" kneecap protection. GGG Knee Armor is held on with heavy-duty 3" elastic straps and close with 1" flat webbing. The adjustable closure is a tab-in-slot design.

You can put these kneepads on after your boots.
GGG Knee Armor stays put. No sliding down to the top of your feet, no twisting to the back of your calf, no falling off in gooey mud.
Available in assorted colors.

13" Regular Knee Armor $35
17" Behemoth Knee Armor $42

GGG Elbow Armor

1000D Cordura front with 3" webbing strip for abrasion resistance and added friction; supplex back for comfort against bare skin or under a cave suit. Cut-out flexion points with adjustable 2-inch elastic straps and 4" gauntlet won't bind or pinch. 1/4-inch neoprene padding. Measure above elbow. Available in assorted colors.

Extra Small fits 6-10" Elbow Armor $26
Small fits 8-12"    
Regular fits 11-15"    
Large fits 13-18"    


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