GGG Caving Packs

GGG pack designs are a byproduct of our having done lots of caving with other packs and being disappointed by their performance. GGG packs are made from either 18 oz. PVC-coated polyester or double thick Cordura (11 oz. lined with PVC-coated 8 oz. pack cloth). They come in two basic styles: side loading or top loading. The top loading packs close much like a river bag does: the two sides Velcro together, the top rolls down, and the ends clip together with a side release buckle. The side loading packs have a zipper that runs two whole length of the pack to allow complete access to the contents of the pack. The zipper is a #10 tooth-in-box zipper (the kind that closes wetsuits) that is protected by a flap of web. The medium and large packs have compression straps so that you'll never have a case of "limp pack syndrome." All our packs have very large drain holes so there's no waiting around for the water to empty out.

The Personal Pack

This pack is ideal for day trips where you don't need to carry a lot of stuff. It has adjustable 1.75" webbing shoulder straps and a tether loop. Abrasion skirt and small inside pocket. 9"dx14.5"h, 925 cu. in.

PVC $40 Red, Yellow, or Black
Cordura $45 Red, Yellow, Black or Royal

The Vertical Pack

For longer day trips where you might be carrying rigging gear or extra clothes and food. It has adjustable 1.75" web shoulder straps, tether loop and a carrying handle on the side of the bag. Abrasion skirt and small inside pocket. 9"dx24"h, 1525 cu. in.

PVC $45 Red, Yellow
Cordura $50 Red, Yellow or Royal

toploading pack GGG Top Loading Bat Packs

Available in PVC or Cordura, these packs have adjustable 1.75" web shoulder straps, a carry handle on the side, compression straps, and a tether loop. They also have a webbing skirt around the bottom seam to protect this section from abrasion. These top-loading packs have a small pocket near the top on the inside to hold your little odds and ends.

Pack Size Diameter Height Volume PVC Price Cordura Price
Med. TL Bat Pack 10.5 in. 20 in. 1725 cu. in. $60 $67
Lg. TL Bat Pack 11.5 in. 23 in. 2390 cu. in. $65 $72

GGG Side Loading Bat Packs

Made of PVC or Cordura, these packs have the same external features as our top loaders, but open from from the side through a bomber zipper for easy access to your stuff. There's also a zipper pocket on the top for storing smaller things.

  PVC Price Cordura Price
Med. SL Bat Pack



Lg. SL Bat Pack $73 $80

Sideloading pack

PVC or Cordura? PVC cloth comes in red, yellow or black. It will not absorb any water and it's very easy to clean up since the mud just falls off when it dries. Cordura is supple but very rugged. It's available in red, blue, tan, or black. Other colors available upon request.

Expedition Camp Duffs

GGG Expedition Duffs are lots bigger than our regular cave packs for carrying cave-camp size loads. All have adjustable waist belts, padded shoulder straps, upper haul loops, two side handles, and three extra large drain holes. They're made of red, yellow or black PVC. (Double layer Cordural available for $10 extra.)

Cheve Duff $85

The Cheve Duff's rectangular cross section makes it very stable. Three compression straps have side release buckles for easy lashing. This pack is comfortable even when not full loaded. Top loading with roll down closure. Fits through The Looking Glass in Sistema Cheve.

26hx12x8 2500 cu. in.

Cheve Pack
PEP duff PEP Duff $95

Our biggest pack. The PEP duff can hold a 3600 cu. in. dry bag with space left over for a day pack, water bottle, vertigear, etc. Top loading with a roll down closure. Fits through The Crack of Doom in Sistema Purification.


36hx13d 4775 cu. in.

Lech Duff $105

The Lech Duff was designed for camping in Lechugilla and is appropriately swank. It has a full length side zipper for easy access to the entire main compartment. Compression straps have side release buckles. External top pocket. Meets airline carry-on restrictions. Fits through the entrance culvert in Lech.

24hx12.5d 2950 cu. in.

Lech duff
GGG Duffle Bags

Carry gear when you’re not caving? Our stylish duffle bags are as tough as our cave packs. Suitable for roof racks, burros, or baggage carousels. Made of PVC or Ballistic Cordura. Side and end handles, removable shoulder strap, covered zipper, Large & X-Large have compression straps. And of course, BATS! Medium is airline carry-on size.

Medium 2200cu. in.
Large 3500cu. in.
X-Large 5200cu. in.

Large Duff
XL Duff


Other Serious Caving Stuff
GGG Survey Pouch $15

This simple pouch is one of our most popular items. Built to carry a ring binder with room left over for instruments, pencils, etc. Zipper closure, one shouler strap. Red or yellow PVC. 8x10x2

survey pouch

Pod pack The Pod Pack $15

A popular companion to our expedition duffs. Just big enough for a water bottle, some food, and an extra polypro top. This bag clips to a seat harness or belt with a 'biner through two D-rings. No straps or handles; drain hole, Velcro closure. PVC. Fits through anything you can. 17x8


PVC Repair Kit $8

Renew the beloved pack that’s served so well on so many trips. Cement specially formulated to bond PVC fabric and generous pieces of patch material in multiple colors.


GGG Bucket Harness $24

Snugly fits standard 5-gallon bucket for serious digging. Strong, abrasion-resistant flat webbing cinches tight. Replaces flimsy wire bail with easy-to-hold webbing. Clip-in loop stabilizes and centers the load when hauling. Large bottom hand loop for easy dumping and scooping. Dig safer and easier.



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