Bulb burnt out? Cracked bezel? Call us for spare parts for lights!


Princeton Tec Apex $85

High output 3-watt LED for a bright beam and 4 standard LEDs for a long-lasting diffuse light. Dual switches, current regulator, and battery life indicator. Two high settings 9-96 hours. Three low settings 8-100 hours. Uses (4) AA alkaline, lithium, or rechargable batteries. Waterproof.


Princeton Tec Yukon HL $66

1-watt LED for a beam and 3 standard LEDs for long-lasting diffuse light. Burns 44-120 hours on 3AA batteries. Water resistant.


Princeton Tec Eos $45

1-watt LED with 3 settings. Current regulator for constant output. 1-100 hours on 3AAAs alkaline or lithium batteries.Waterproof.


Princeton Tec Fuel $25

LED. 70-160 hours burn time. This is good camp or back-up; 3AAA alkaline. Water resistant. Pink color.


Princeton Tec Pilot $10

This is a great little LED light. Clips around any 1" strap or elastic. Push button switch. 12-14 hours. White, Red or Green LED


Petzl Helmet Clips $4
Set of 4 for thin brim helmets.

Petzl Carbide Lights

Aceto Acetylene Lamp $90
Ariane Acetylene Generator $98
21 Liter Jet $4
14 Liter Jet $4
Filter $5
Gas Tube $10
Gasket $2
Yellow Drip Tube $2
Sparker Unit $17
Arianne Bottom $4
Wire Cleaner $2

Princeton Tec Hand Lights

Princeton Tec Impact XL $38

1-watt LED. 50 hours. 4AA. Waterproof.

Princeton Tec Impact II $25

1 LED. 75 hours. 4AAA. Waterproof.

Princeton Tec Impact 40 $19

Xenon. 3-5 hours. 4AA. Waterproof.

Princeton Tec Amp 1.0 $15

Xenon. 3 hours. 2AAA. Waterproof. Built-in carabiner attachement.


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